•  Real-time visualization with Google-Maps or Virtual Earth satellite imagery


Customizable map view


Real-time monitoring of resource status (geo fencing, speed, fuel, other vehicle detection sensors)

•  Violations history for resources

•  History Plot and audit trails of all resource activities

•  Multi-GPS hardware support

•  Hardware configuration for setting devices remotely 

•  Extensive set of reports

SMART TRACKING - Web Interface

Smart Tracking Web interface is an independent comprehensive intranet/internet solution. It consists of online tracking; violation alerts, history, reporting, and remote device configuration. The web interface could be combined with the desktop interface to formulate a global Enterprise tracking solution.

•  Accurate and reliable tracking system
•  Choice between Microsoft Virtual Earth & Google Maps
•  Complete streets data & Points of Interest (POIs)
•  Accessible anywhere in the world yet secure

»  Personal Tracking
Smart Tracking offers personal tracking for protection of staff and family members when they are most vulnerable or away from home.

Smart Tracking supports multiple GPS hardware devices for vehicle and personal tracking. For further details contact us at info@smarttracking.net