Smart Tracking is a geographical information system (GIS) real time resource tracking and incident management system that serves the Middle East region and the world.

Smart Tracking Web Interface keeps getting better & better

We Don’t Compromise Our System’s features, reliability and accuracy.

Quick guide on all web pages to help users navigate easily through our web application.

With the addition of our new Stops Report, now you can have a more comprehensive analysis of the nature of vehicle routes. Our existing Trips Report gives you an idea of where the major destinations made by the vehicle; however the stops reports gives a more detailed analysis of the stops made by the driver along his route.

Experience the higher accuracy of the history routes along with detailed report data with our new adjusted algorithms against bad GPS data; thus increasing data reliability and productivity to 99%. GPS data is not always accurate, but our software compensates for these GPS glitches so you will never worry about inconsistent mileage or missing time segments of your trips.

New trip description and details when you place the mouse over the “Trip Tag” on the map. This includes

1) trip start/ stop times,
2) Trip duration
3) covered mileage.

Various settings now available for each page of the application to better control application features.

New popup notifications of violations committed by resources without the need to open the violations page. You do not even have to be at your desk; there is a sound alarm and an animated icon (top right corner) signaling a committed violation(s). Place the mouse over the “violations” icon for abbreviated details.

Coming Soon
  • Add your own customized POI of your clients or any other interest points to your own map (only).
  • In addition to our extensive set of reports, a new feature is coming to the speed report that will relate the speed to the geographic location on map.
  • Vehicle remote configuration screen for the web interface to enable the user to configure various GPS device parameters remotely.