1. Resource Monitoring
2. Task Management
3. Dispatching Resource to Tasks

•  Arabic-language support

•  Real-time visualization with 2-D and 3-D high-resolution satellite imagery

•  Multi-user multi-role interface (call takers, dispatchers and supervisors)

•  Powerful search (sites, tasks, and resources)

•  Customizable map view

•  Zoned dispatching

•  Best navigable route calculation between several tasks

•  Quickest network routing to task sites

•  Real-time monitoring of resource status (geo fencing, speed, fuel, other vehicle detection sensors)

•  Violations history and replay for resources

•  Playback and audit trails of all map activities

•  Supervisory roles to monitoring staff and report statistics

•  Multi-GPS hardware support

•  Hardware configuration for setting devices remotely

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SMART TRACKING - Enterprise Desktop Interface

Smart Tracking Enterprise is a multi-user multi-role tracking system that provides ease of use, reliability, and data integrity. It encapsulates the necessary requirements in the field of task and resource management. Our integrated high speed response and visualization capability, combined with our accurate audit trail of all map actions and decisions provide a unique tool that can be used for:

•  Task & Emergency Events Dispatch
•  Corporate Fleet Management
•  Express Delivery Tracking
•  Personal Tracking

»  Task & Emergency Events Dispatch
Tasks are urgent events or jobs that require quick allocation and dispatching of appropriate resources along with handling and monitoring until the task or event is resolved. Smart Tracking is an ideal tool for task and resource management. It is used during all critical phases of the task to manage the whole coordinated response starting with call taking, routing and dispatching, resource and task status change until completion.

»  Corporate Fleet Management
Smart Tracking delivers a comprehensive solution that improves your mobile assets productivity which includes all mobile personnel and fleets that deliver products and services to clients. Owners and operators can be alerted to resource violations (speeding, geo-fencing, car-jacking etc.) in real-time and any unauthorized use of their vehicles.

»  Express Delivery Tracking
When time is critical, Smart Tracking offers routing and playback for all tasks and resources in express delivery services. Our system allows centralized, quick dispatching, logging and playback of unlimited history archival to facilitate instant management decisions.

Smart Tracking supports multiple GPS hardware devices for vehicle and personal tracking. For further details contact us at info@smarttracking.net