Smart Tracking is ideal for:

»  911 Emergency Dispatch
»  Corporate Fleet Management
»  Express Delivery Tracking

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Our Clients

KITMO Bardawil
Kitmo (Bardawil) was founded in 1961. Since then, it has been engaged in wood flooring (parquet), wall and kitchen cabinet designs, pergolas, and wood furniture. The pursuit of perfection ensures that Kitmo has the best quality control of its product. Kitmo is always aiming for trendiness and better-quality, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Skynet Lebanon
Skynet Worldwide Express launched its services in Lebanon in 1994. Over the years, the transportation and logistics industry has evolved into an environment supported by single-source providers. We have thus, successfully created a full range of services – Express, Air, Ocean, Ground, Brokerage and Logistics – in an integrated package to meet the market needs. As a result, more and more customers are seeking to consolidate their vendor base as a mean to maximize costs and efficiency, while building long-term relationships.

CMC Construction Material Company
Since 1991 CMC has distinguished itself in the field of construction, not only as a supplier and applicator of an integrated range of building products, but as a provider of comprehensive services to the building industry in terms of site back up, specification and recommendation. CMC’s contracting activity covers waterproofing and insulation systems, concrete repair, renovation, high-pressure water cleaning, pool tiling and grouting, gypsum plastering, flooring and sport surfaces.

Sukleen Lebanon
Sukleen is under the umbrella of Averda International which was originally established in Lebanon by Maysarah Sukkar in the 1970s and was called the Sukkar Engineering Group back then. Today Averda is a flourishing environmental solution provider that spans the entire spectrum of waste management. Averda is internationally acclaimed as a trusted role model upholding the highest standards of city cleaning and waste management.

Lebanese Red Cross
The Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) is a humanitarian organization. In 1946, it is recognized by the State as a public non profit organization and as an auxiliary team to the medical service Lebanese Army. The fundamental principles of the Lebanese Red Cross are Humanity - Impartiality - Neutrality - Independence - Voluntary Service - Unity - and Universality.

EDZ Electricité de Zahlé
is a private electric utility that operates under a concession agreement with the Lebanese government. In its early beginnings, EDZ was into the generation and distribution of electrical power, but following a decree issued in the late sixties by the Lebanese government and Electricité du Liban (EDL), EDZ turned into an electrical distribution utility that develops, operates and maintains the electric power networks in Zahle and 15 surrounding regions.