Smart Tracking is ideal for:

»  Task & Emergency Events Dispatch
»  Corporate Fleet Management
»  Express Delivery Tracking
»  Personal Tracking
Who We Are?

Smart Tracking is a geographical information system (GIS) real time resource and incident tracking and management system.

Resources such as vehicles and other mobile assets combined with tasks such as emergency or other job-based requests are geographically and visually tracked on high-resolution satellite images.

The resources are instantly located, dispatched and associated to assigned tasks. Smart Tracking manages and monitors in real time the status of both resources and tasks to ensure optimum speed of handling and control in situations where time is critical.

What We Do?

Smart Tracking provides full map control in conjunction with advanced GIS tools to quickly locate a task site; generate the task; allocate appropriate resources based on type of task; dispatch, manage and monitor the progress and status of both the task and its associated resources.

Smart Tracking is a multi-user, multi-role cross platform tracking and monitoring system. The system's high resolution satellite imagery are directed and overlaid by multiple information (vector) layers to ease and accelerate the overall process of identification, allocation and dispatching.